Friday, 27 July 2012

FO Friday - Bees

Back in April last year, I made a couple of amigurumi bees for Jamie. We hung them up on the edge of the stairs and they had a merry old time getting in everyone's way as they walked in and out of the living room. When we moved to the new house, there wasn't a similarly irritating place to hang them, so they found a home on the light fitting over the dining table.

The only photo I could find that showed the bees
was this one from my amigurumi comic strip!

The light fitting has space for four bees, however, so recently Jamie has been saying that we need more bees. As the weather has been far too hot this week for working on any of my other WIPs, I decided to dig out the black and yellow acrylic and make some more bees.

I have run out of white though, so these bees have natural coloured wings. I think that's ok though, as it means we'll be able to distinguish between the original bees and the new bees! They haven't yet found their way up to the light fitting yet, because I don't know where my invisible nylon thread has gone. It's been "put away" somewhere during the move I am sure.

Nothing quite like small amigurumi for a quick crafting fix!


  1. Hee hee, so cute! I love the little guys. 

  2. They are adorable. Its a cute idea.

  3. Those bees are adorable, and I love that you were specifically looking for somewhere irritating to put them, hee.  I hope the nylon thread shows up soon so they can start buzzing around.

  4. mary (nauget bluff)28 July 2012 at 08:32

    I've been trying to make my 1st creature and it is a mouse..I've had to frog it 5 times..maybe I'll try a bee instead...


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