Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Getting into the Olympic spirit

A little while ago, a suggestion came up in The Blog Hub group on Ravelry that we put together a team for the Ravelympics Ravellenic Games. At the time, I thought "that's a great idea" but as the discussion kind of dropped off, I never actually remembered to do anything about it when the time came to sign up. So I ended up missing the sign ups altogether!

In fact, it was only when I saw the whole outrage at the US Olympic Committee for forcing them to change the name to avoid the trademarks that I was reminded about it. As I'd missed the chance to get properly involved in all the fun and games on Ravelry (and with my enormous list of YoP patterns to work through, I didn't really want to add anything else to the mix) I thought I would make something in support of the Games (of both the sporting and knitting kind).

I took inspiration from the Friendship Ring square I made last year and modified the pattern to include five rings joined as per the Olympic Rings logo. I then surrounded them with two rounds of natural coloured yarn and added a loop to easily hang the rings over the edge of my bookcase.

They have been doing a sterling job decorating the scoreboard of our work Olympic themed team building week we had the other week, when the torch came to Reading and Bracknell, but I have brought them home today to hang up in readiness for the opening ceremony on Friday.


  1. I'm hoping to do some low-key stuff for the Ravellenics, since it seems like all you have to do to participate is...tag your stuff correctly and post it to the event thread?  I have to investigate more. 

    But more to the point, I love the banner you've made.  It looks just perfect, and it's making me excited anew for the opening ceremonies on Friday. 

  2. Great spirit you have. That is awesome!

  3. That looks so cute :)


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