Saturday, 28 July 2012

Further adventures in sewing

Back in June, I posted some photos of some LRP costume I'd made for my current character. Having now worn the kit for two events, I am pleased to say that I am absolutely loving it. Warm layers for such thin material, with all the benefits of being machine washable and drying really quickly once I get back from the event and discover how much mud it is covered in.

The last event (last weekend) was so hot, I ditched the skirts and only wore the giant green harem trousers. I thought you might like to see how they looked:

When I got home, I decided what I really needed was to make more giant harem trousers. While very tired, I declared that I actually wanted a bright yellow pair, but when I later found myself in the fabric shop common sense took over, and I decided to purchase colours that would go with the rest of my kit.

I still have plenty of the batik fabrics I used last time hanging around, so I chose plain colours that would match that. I've got another waistcoat in my costume box which I really like, so I'm going to reverse engineer it and make new waistcoats in the same style but using the fabric which matches the rest of the kit. It's this red waistcoat here:

But I will be using the gorgeous batiks here:

Plus the really lovely blue one I used for my second waistcoat:

They all contain the right shades of purple to match the purple fabric I've bought, and the teal one is a nice contrast.

A few more successful goes at making the really simple stuff, and I'll be just about ready to try something a little more complicated.

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  1. Where do I sign up for a pair of these harem pants?  They look like the most comfortable things ever.  I love your waistcoats, too.


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