Monday, 16 July 2012

Snappy Happy Monday

Another weekly round up of my week, as seen through my Instagram feed:

All of the fruit in my garden is really starting to grow now

I spotted this oak tree growing in the middle of the lawn -
I suspect the squirrel buried an acorn there last year and forgot

On Wednesday the Olympic Torch came to town
and the route went right past my house!

Rodriguez the fox

I finally unpacked my jewellery this weekend. Tutorial on the
jewellery racks is here


  1. Love the jewellery racks, and wow you got close to that fox!

  2. Love the fox picture--and the torch? You got to see the torch?  Lucky, lucky you! Can you tell am over the moon excited for the Olympics to begin?  Are you close by and will you get to go to any events?


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