Thursday, 5 July 2012

Life is a blur

I've been ridiculously busy these last couple of weeks. Work has been manic, so I've been doing some stupidly long days in the office, and we haven't had a weekend to ourselves since the start of June!

It's not all bad though, as we've been doing quite a bit of planning for the wedding, and got to spend some time wandering in a tropical rainforest on Saturday.

I am not sure what this is, but it was very pretty

My parents came down for the weekend, so we took them to the Living Rainforest as we weren't sure the weather was going to behave to do anything outdoors. It's mostly plants, but they have a few primates, reptiles and insects, with quite a few free roaming tropical birds.

This is a bat flower. We were lucky to visit when it was in season!
We weren't lucky enough to see Cinnamon, the two toed sloth that lives in the canopy, but I did make friends with the Goeldi's monkeys they have.

This little guy came right up to the glass and kept mimicking my head movements.

There were lots of plants currently in bloom.

One great thing about the Living Rainforest is that once you've bought a ticket, you can keep going back for a whole year without paying any more. So if at any point we fancy going back, we can do it for free!


  1. Damn, that is super cool how you have a rainforest near you!

  2. Wow! Those plants are beautiful, as is that gorgeous little monkey!


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