Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Advent Calendar

A little while ago the idea came into my head to make an advent calendar for this year. I scoured Pinterest for ideas, but hadn't really settled on anything. Then, I found these adorable numbered pegs for sale in Tiger,

Clearly, then, I had to focus on those ideas that involved hanging things from pegs! I'd been slowly falling in love with all the cute little felt ornaments I'd been finding on Pinterest, and had even gone so far as to buy some felt and buttons to have a go at making some.

I made these as a present to go alongside the crocheted uterus.
They turned out so cute, I decided my advent calendar would have 24 of these adorable felt ornaments, one for each day.

This past weekend, my living room turned into a felt ornament production line! I took over half the room with my table, slowly covering everything in scraps of felt and embroidery thread. The end result, though, is 21 gorgeous little felt ornaments in 7 different designs.

All cut out and ready for sewing and stuffing

Finished ornaments ready to hang

I know, I can see what you're now thinking. There are 24 days on an advent calendar. Why do I only have 21 ornaments? The thing is, I ran out of ideas. I found/made templates for seven different non-religious Christmas-related shapes: the bird and heart I originally tested, a five pointed star, a bell, two different shaped Christmas tree baubles (the round one above, and a tear shaped one) and the little stocking.

I have no idea what to do for my eighth shape! Do you guys have any suggestions?


  1. A gingerbread man? That would look great in felt with buttons!

  2. A christmas pudding or an angel. But I must say the gingerbread idea gets my top vote. What you have made already look brilliant.

  3. Oh, they're so cute! I second the idea of a candle or a Christmas pudding, or how about a present shape? 

  4. You have been busy! What about a sheep?

  5. I like the sheep. But also, I think you need a cat. And a computer or computer mouse :)

  6. These are so cute and festive. Maybe some mittens, too?


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