Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Free Pattern - Crocheted Uterus!

Another secret project now out in the open, complete with bonus free pattern!

A friend of mine recently underwent surgery for an ovarian cyst, so I wanted to make her something that would make her smile. I've seen several patterns for fake boobs and wombs, for women who have undergone mastectomies or hysterectomies, so I considered finding/making a pattern for a crocheted ovary. Of course, I didn't really find anything, and when I started researching what an ovary actually looks like, I quickly realised that they don't look particularly aesthetically pleasing!

So I decided I'd make a uterus instead. A quick search on Ravelry uncovered a couple of knitted uterus patterns, including this awesome pattern from Knitty, but there wasn't really a crocheted version that really caught my eye. I moved my search to Google, and found this free pattern. There were no pictures, and as far as I can see the pattern is not linked on Ravelry. But I thought I'd give it a go.

About halfway through I realised the stitch counts were completely off, and set about working out my own variations which would work. And I ended up with this:

I decided to write up the pattern and upload it to Ravelry, just in case anyone else felt the urge to crochet themselves a uterus. The pattern can be found here, and directly downloaded in PDF form by clicking on this link:

I used Sirdar Bonus DK in hot pink, and a 4mm hook, but any yarn and the appropriate hook size would be fine. I forgot to measure it before I posted it, but I reckon it's about 4-5 inches tall. The fallopian tubes are pose-able, as they have pipe cleaners inside. I did briefly toy with the idea of putting a face on it too, but thought that might be a step too far!


  1. The notion of pose-able fallopian tubes made me laugh :-D Wish someone had made me one of these when I had my surgery earlier in the year.

  2. I like this (and am disturbed by it at the same time!) it's exactly the same sense of humour that goes well in my family - when my dad was in hospital and told he had green monkey disease (he didn't but it was fun to say) me and my brother printed out lots of pictures of monkeys, coloured them in green and pinned them around his bedside.

    Some of the nurses were horrified, and some thought it was hilarious ;)

  3. Very nice!  I could have used this back in the day when I was a health educator - much more portable than the plastic models (and more attractive, too).

  4. I really like it and what a great gift to cheer your friend up. Thank you for sharing and giving me a giggle at the same time. Sarah (

  5. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch10 November 2011 at 17:49

    It's surprisingly cute for a uterus - I would be tempted to give it a face *chuckle* 

  6. Now THAT is *hyst*erical!!!

  7. Hey, thank you for posting this. I want to make it without the fallopian tubes and big enough to fit a full size baby doll for a childbirth class. I was thinking triple the size so stead of 4in tall it would be like 12in.

    Could you offer some suggestions? 

  8. Thanks for the pattern. :-)

  9. Perfect for this! Thanks.

    The Snatchel Project

    Let’s make a uterus or VJJ for each male rep in congress!

    If they have their own, they can leave ours alone!

  10. Love it!  Thanks for sharing.  =)

  11. First I clicked on 'the happy uterus' and that pattern has been removed and says the reason is stated but I can't find it. The reason. I'm not so sure the man receiving it will know what he's looking at. None of those men are too bright. Thanks for a warming giggle. I'm gettin' out my crochet hook.

  12.  This is posted underneath the photos:
    "Pattern Removed:
    "Okay, I was stoked that I was in the Bitch List in
    Bitch Magazine (or rather, my uterus was) but a few friends linked to me
    two sites where people were selling that EXACT pattern I posted - which
    upset me because, well, hey, it came from my head not theirs! If anyone
    should get money for it, it should be me, but because I didn't want the
    money and wanted to share the pattern freely, someone had to go be a
    butthead and sell my pattern as their own.  Fail.  So, if anyone would
    like the pattern, please PM me b/c I will still happily share it for
    free but I'd prefer not to post it on the site.  Gracias!  "

    1. I'd luv to get ur pattern to send in to congress! I like urs the best of all the ones I've seen:)

    2. I would love this pattern! Can u email it to I am an Iraqi Vet and a preK teacher. Awesome idea!

  13. LOVE it!  THanks so much!  I'm in Canada & the Conservative Gov. is trying to make a fetus a person - just introduced a Bill.  I'm going to be crocheting like crazy!

  14. Rachael Brooke Winkley27 March 2012 at 16:44

    Thanks for the great pattern - stumbled upon it via the Snatchel Project - joining in their fun and making a bunch to send to the not-so-woman-friendly politicians in my state (Wisconsin).  

    I hope your friend healed quickly and is fairing better.  I've been there with the surgeries and it's no fun.


  15. Sorry to hear that. I'm in AZ, USA and oh man there is a looooong list of vile things the state legislature is doing to demolish women's rights. I'll be crocheting until my fingers fall off..

  16. Thank you! I made a uterus inspired by your pattern!


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