Monday, 14 November 2011

Cook from a Cookbook: Welsh Cakes

So, I haven't had much chance to cook anything exciting from our cookbooks recently. We made cornbread again on Saturday morning, but added more sugar this time (maybe five times as much as the recipe states? We weren't really counting) so it came out sweeter. Not too sweet, but definitely sweeter. It was lovely.

I was idly flicking through my baking book on Sunday morning (because it was still out) trying to decide what I should bake from it to take into work next week, when I spotted the recipe for Welsh Cakes. Given that I was feeling slightly peckish at that point, it is no surprise my stomach growled make these now!

Luckily, I had all the ingredients to hand.

The recipe wanted me to use lard. Who has lard in the fridge these days?
Also, those are sultanas, not currants. I don't think it matters.
The trouble with welsh cakes is, like scones, they require all that pesky rubbing of butter into flour. I usually have quite cold hands, which makes me a natural at that sort of thing, but I wanted them now so decided to take the easy route.

I love my food processor so very much.

The only real downside to using the processor is it chops all the fruit up into little bits. I don't mind though.

They're so quick, only five or six minutes in the pan and they're done.

Just a light sprinkling of sugar to finish them off.

The recipe reckons it makes ten. I got sixteen out of it, plus a bit of left over dough to eat while I waited for them to cook. It think I might add them to the list of things to take into work.

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