Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another WIP?

Please tell me someone is researching a vaccine for startitis? I don't need any more projects, I really don't. And yet... I find myself starting one. The trouble is, the logic I followed is impeccable.

You guys remember my Granny Rectangle? Well, I absolutely adore that blanket. I use it almost every evening, wrapping myself up in it on the sofa while watching TV. It's brilliant.

I have a similar blanket upstairs, for the bedroom. I originally bought it a few years ago for the cat (I know, I hang my head in shame. But I didn't know how to crochet then, otherwise of course I would have made it myself). It is a lot smaller than the rectangle, and it's a square.

Here it is being used by Mr Fidget
He looks less impressed with it here.

Cats, though, are fickle beasts, and eventually Mr Fidget tired of it. It spent a year or so tossed in the cat bed (also abandoned) in the bottom of my wardrobe next to the bed, until last winter, when it was so cold  and I needed an extra something to keep me warm in bed.

Some mild flailing later, and I had grabbed hold of the blanket and pulled it over me. It was lovely and snuggly, and it spent the rest of the winter on my side of the bed, keeping me warm. Unfortunately, due to its size, it could only really keep my arms and chest warm; the rest of me was still colder than I'd have liked!

As the temperatures have dropped this week, particularly at night, I've found myself crawling into a freezing bed again. I remembered how fabulous the blanket was at keeping me warm, but then also remembered its lack of size.

Then came the dangerous realisation. The stash of acrylics I have downstairs are the perfect colours to match this blanket. I could make it bigger. Much bigger. Big enough to cover our king size bed.

So of course, I did the only sensible thing I could. Rushed downstairs, pulled out all the acrylics from the shelf, chose my colours and started hooking!


  1. That granny blanket is pretty much the best blanket ever!  Love how the black ties all the colors together and makes it all just seem to go. :)

  2. I too am on a bit of a starting craze at the moment. I am test knitting a big project at the moment which I'm not allowed to blog about yet so I find myself looking at other things in my queue that are QUICK so I have something to show. Is that sad?

  3. Wow - that big granny is gorgeous!!!! Now you're making me want to start one!!!

  4. There is no shame in buying a crochet blanket when you didnt know how to crochet at that point, though it least you have made something much better use to you...its very pretty and looks really warm!! especially for these winter days :)

  5. Is startitis such a bad thing? I find it makes me feel less guilty about growing stash if it looks like I am using more of it simultaneously.

  6. Oh but it would have been a crime not to start when you had such a great ideas!

  7. A little bit sheepish14 November 2011 at 09:06

    Sounds like a sensible action to me, you are saving the planet by keeping yourself warm with the use of a blanket rather than heating, in fact, it was your duty to cast on (or the crochet equivalent) or something like that :)

  8. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  If it's a)continuing an existing object or b)making something you really really need, it doesn't count on your 'startitis' list.  At least that's what I keep telling myself...

  9. I cannot imagine crocheting something that large! I commend you for your patience!

  10. If I had only knew about the Granny rectangle before I did the Granny Square blanket...
    The colors making up that blanket have such pizazz!  Awesome job.


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