Friday, 25 November 2011

FO Friday - Dishcloth madness

A quick round up of all the dishcloths I've knit but not blogged about! After his initial uncertainty over using them in the kitchen, Jamie has come around, and our paper towel usage has dropped dramatically! I love how quick they are to clean too; I pop them in the machine as I'm doing a normal washing load, and they dry really quickly once they come out.

Grandmother's Favourite, stopped increasing at 28 sts

After making the first one (blogged here), I used the left over yarn to make a smaller one (above) which I use as a facecloth in the bathroom. I love it!

Diagonal Knit Dishcloth
I used a different pattern for my purple cotton. This one has a waffle stitch section in the middle, which is really pretty and makes for a very effective scrubbing surface. Great for all the dried on grease that ends up on our work surfaces!

I started out using the rest of the purple to make a mitred square dishcloth, but soon ran out. So I used up the last of the pink/orange ball, and broke into my pink/purple ball to finish it off.

poor colour on this one, I took it with my phone
This was a great, mindless knit, but it sat around for ages before getting finished off, because I didn't have a button. Because I chose to do it in stockinette rather than garter, it looks and feels more like a tea-towel.

better colours in the kitchen, thanks to the fluorescent lighting

I've hung it up on the window above the sink, where it is very handy for wiping utensils and cutlery being used directly from the drying rack.

I still have some of the pink/purple/white ball left, so I may make another basic Grandmother's favourite with it, measuring carefully to use up exactly half before I start decreasing!

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  1. They look great, I like the idea of the waffle stitch to provide an excellent scrubbing surface ;)

    I still haven't got round to the dishcloth craze, perhaps when my yarn diet is over I'll give cotton another go!

  2. I've got three different colours of Rico cotton on watch on ebay for when I next get the urge, as it's cheaper than the Sugar n Cream, and four different Doctor Who themed charts to knit with it!

  3. Love the dishcloths, I'm a massive fan of them and wouldn't be without them now, I've put a good few up on my blog to as they are just so quick to knit up. :)

  4. Awesome - I have yet to make/use any but always think of what a great idea they are when I see them!

  5. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch25 November 2011 at 18:40

    I love the one with the button - so practical too. 

  6. You are so addicted!  Amazing how such projects like those are so handy and environmentally friendly.

  7. Can never have too many dish cloths or towels. 


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