Monday, 28 November 2011

In which I went for a walk

Nothing like going for a tromp around the countryside on a crisp November morning.

Old Mill House
The old Mill House at Pangbourne

Mill Wheels
The mill wheels still in place underneath the house

Lich gate
The lich gate at the church in Whitchurch-on-Thames

Mushrooms growing in the village green

Red Kite
A Red Kite soaring majestically over the downs

Treeline 3
Gorgeous views


Alpaca farm 1

Human Sundial
An awesome human sundial, which was correct
(but set to BST, so the dial said it was 2.30)

Brick quote
Quotations in the bricks outlining the Thyme Maze surrounding said human sundial

The full set of photos can be found in this Flickr set.


  1. Nice photos, I love that they're all quintessentially British. I love those cold, clear winter days.

  2. A little bit sheepish28 November 2011 at 09:31

    Lovely photos, where did you find alpacas?

  3. Beautiful photos :) I love the human sundial, and that Yeats quotes is one of my favourites :)

  4. There's an alpaca farm at Boze Down, just outside Whitchurch-on-Thames. There were hundreds of them!

  5. The human sundial was amazing. I was so impressed!

  6. What gorgeous photos.  Considering how close I am to Pangbourne, I can't believe we've never been.  It looks lovely.

  7. My friend has one of those "walks around Reading" booklets, which we are working our way through. This was a five mile circular walk starting in Pangbourne and going north. We did another one earlier in the year which started in Pangbourne and went west/south. They're pretty good, although the directions in the book can sometimes be a little vague!

  8. I love the wheels.  Wonderful photos.  And you look like your having nice weather too.

  9. It's been lovely recently. The temperatures are starting to drop now, it's getting a bit nippy. But still dry, which is good!

  10. I feel like I don't get out and photograph enough.....I have a lovely camera and Little Man to entertain me so it should be easy, right?

    Love the photos!

  11. Thank you for these wonderful pics.  Just lovely!


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