Sunday, 22 January 2012

Afternoon stroll through the Englefield Estate

For our first countryside tromp of the year we chose a short 4 mile circular walk around Theale. Because of yesterday's burglary, I was forced to rely on my iPhone camera and I have to say, I don't think it let me down. I did miss having a zoom function though!

The walk mostly took us through the Englefield Estate.

Old fashioned farming machines
There were a bunch of old agricultural machines and carriages
just sitting in a barn in the middle of the village

Secret garden
I spotted this wonderful garden entrance behind the garden centre

St Marks church, Englefield
St Mark's Church, which dates back to 1190. It wasn't open,
so we couldn't go in and have a look inside.

Englefield Estate
The main house, as seen from the churchyard. The gardens
weren't open so I couldn't get a closer look.

The main gate at the entrance. The driveway was very long indeed!
This dates back to the 1860s.

Holy Trinity, Theale
Holy Trinity church in Theale. I had no idea this was there!

Holy Trinity, Theale
It wasn't open either. I would love to see inside.

Holy Trinity, Theale
The bell tower is even taller than the main church.

Holy Trinity, Theale
I got lucky with the blue skies and sunshine for these shots.


  1. I love old churches...unfortunately, I have to go to Europe to see any that are older than c. 1700. I fell in love wit St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna...but it looked so out of place that I had to go physically touch it to make sure it was really there.

  2. What a nice trip.  I love how you go out and about to see places like this.  The visual history is so phenomenal.

  3. Such beautiful pictures. I love how architectural old churches are. And I always love pictures of rusted machinery!

  4. Amazing buildings. I think that piece of farm machinery might be a seed drill for planting crops, the seed goes in that long box on the top and drops out the bottom into the ground. I may be wrong of course!


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