Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First WIP Wednesday of the new year!

I have less WIPs this week than I had this time last week. Sadly, not because I have been finishing things, but because I have been frogging things!

The Ribbed Lace Bolero in Rowan Calmer? Gone. I just wasn't feeling the pattern, in the yarn, on the needles I was using. And I kept making mistakes. So it has been frogged, and I will either find a new pattern to use the yarn with, and replace it on my Year of Projects list, or choose a different yarn to make the Bolero with.

I also finished and then frogged the first of my experiment in making Saartje's Booties on larger needles, to make a larger pair. They came out way too big, so I am going back to the drawing board to find a suitable pattern for the remaining Baby Cashmerino.

There has been progress though! After announcing my determination to finish my existing Year of Projects WIPs before casting on anything else, I was immediately beset by a desire to cast on new things. I'm sure you are all familiar with that feeling!

I resisted though, and dug out my Leafy Fingerless Gloves.

All this experience I've had working with larger DPNs, on things like Saartje's Booties and the Free Rapunzel hat, has made me far more adept at wielding the tiny ones this project demands. I've finally reached the thumb increases, and am about 10 rounds away from starting the really scary part - the fingers!

See my lovely neat increases!
They look quite small on the needles, but I have been trying them on and there is a lot of stretch in that ribbing! The leafy pattern really opens up as well, once it's stretched out over a wrist. I don't currently have any stitch holders, though, so progress may be suddenly halted until I can get hold of some at the weekend,

To see what progress folks have made, head on over to Tami's. And don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway!


  1. The Leafy Fingerless Gloves pattern is so much fun to knit! I cannot wait to see how they come out!

  2. Whenever I lose my stitch holders, which is annoyingly often, I use a yarn needle to string the stitches on to a piece of waste yarn, usually leftover sock yarn. It works just as well!

  3. A little bit sheepish4 January 2012 at 20:45

    The gloves are looking great, lovely colour and super leaf detail. I find large safety pins are good for storing thumb stitches, you need to use more than one to let the triangle of knitting fold in the middle. Or you can store stitches on lengths of yarn

  4. Sorry you've been froggin' lately - ouchie!  However, you're keepin' it real.
    Great, awesome mitts!!!  Do keep us abreast of how it feels experiencing all that finger tube knitting.  I have yet to try a pair of mitts like that.

  5. I always think it feels quite good to frog something you don't like, sort of a guilty pleasure and you can make something you do like! And i'm dying to make a pair of those gloves but I'm on a yarn diet. Yours look gorgeous.

  6. Sorry for the frogging, but good for you for getting rid of stuff that's not working.  Very healthy, I think.  ;)  I'm also totally smitten with your fingerless gloves.  They're lovely!

  7. Your gloves look really lovely - woolly leaves are so pretty

  8. good plan - sometimes you've just got to move on. And the new year is a great time for that. Here's to 2012 and the new projects!

  9. After reading this I know that when I need to frogg, I am in good company! The gloves are lovely and your increases are surely lovely! Lucky you to have these to wear soon. ( I have seen others use waste yarn as a stitch holder--just in case you don't want wait! :)  )


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