Sunday, 1 January 2012

Year of Projects update - 1st January!

So we are officially into the second half of this year long challenge. Like a lot of people, I am once again looking at my list and wondering if I actually want to/will get around to making some of the patterns I've got left to do.

I think I'm looking mostly at the crochet part of the list, and deciding to cull some of the extraneous patterns there. Like the Diamond Shawl, which is beautiful, but I don't really need it and can't really afford it because I'd want to make it out of expensive yarn. Plus, I have to buy an entire pattern book just to get my hands on the pattern.

Copyright Interweave

Another project being lined up to drop is the Phoebe Jane Vest. I just don't think I'd wear it as much as I'd need to to make it a worthwhile project.

Copyright Jenny King

I do have the pattern already though, so I may make it later on in the year. I don't want to feel pressured into making it when I'm not really feeling it!

The final pattern to get the chop is the Pineapple Monokini. Yes, I know it's an awesome pattern. And I do still want to make it. I just don't think I've got the time for it, nor will I have the occasion to wear it this year!

I've updated my List to reflect these changes. I am also determined to finish my existing YoP WIPs before starting any more:

Cherry Wrap

Leafy Fingerless Gloves

Ribbed Lace bolero


  1. Best to drop the maybes off the list for now; makes the list look more in control. Besides, you can always come back to them later, right? Love the green colour of the leafy fingerless mitts. 

  2. I think many of us are taking stock of our project list and tweaking a bit.  You have to feel it, to create it, as far as I am concerned. And when you are looking at using expensive yarn, it definitely needs to be wanted!  I am in love with the cherry wrap yarn you are using and with the leafy glove pattern.
    As I said in my current update post, this next month is my mitt knitting month. I can't wait to start them and wear them at work--my hands get so cold at work sitting at the front desk. Every time the door opens to let in a client we get a blast of cold air--and it is really fun when a parent sits there in the waiting room and lets their kid play with the automatic door opener!
    Happy New Year--and may 2012 be full of good things for you....

  3. Happy New Year!  It is great to see you tweaking your list - that's what the halfway point is for, isn't it?  

  4. I think I'm joining the club of tweaking lists. I'm still sitting here wondering what I was thinking when I first made it? I guess we all just figured "hey, it's a year, that's a long time!" and now that it's halfway we realize how much time flies!! Happy New Year and good luck as you continue to tweak your list :)

  5. Love the shade of green you're using for your fingerless gloves.  Awesome.  That's about the shade I have in my head for a skirt I want to tackle...which isn't on my list.  Just got the idea awhile ago....argh.  Love the shawl...can see why it's calling out to you.

  6. Those are really cool projects you're cutting but good for you on being real about your list.  I wish I had the body to pull off that mokini!

  7. I'll be revisiting my YOP list again soon, too.  Your WIPs are looking great!

  8. You know, one of the reasons I didn't join the YoP, was because I change my mind so often! I think you've made the right choice on cutting some of the projects, especially if they won't work for you right now. Hopefully they will make way for things you are more likely to want and wear :)

  9. I think your right, if your not feeling the patterns drop them, that way it will free up your time for finishing and completing other things on your list. Loving all your wip's and looking forward to seeing more on them.

  10. I wonder how many people are still working on their original lists?  I've changed mine twice but I think the main thing is to have an aim (of some kind or another) and stick to it. The YoP has been a great motivator as far as I'm concerned and I feel as if I've 'met' a whole lot of new friends. I love the colours in your current WIPs - so vibrant.


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