Monday, 9 January 2012

Cook from a Cookbook(ish) - Bread

So, it's been a while since I did a Cookbook challenge. Christmas kind of got in the way! There was nothing particularly new or exciting about our Christmas cooking (lets face it, the traditional dinner is just Sunday roast with extras), although I could claim the boiled and baked ham as a new recipe. We combined two different recipes found online (the boiling instructions from here and the glaze from here) to create an incredibly tasty joint of meat. It was so successful, we did it twice.

Gratuitous shot of the Christmas buffet preparations - 80 pigs in blankets
and a boiled but not yet glazed 3lb ham joint

But I am not here to talk about roasted pig product. No, I have a more exciting cooking experiment to regale you with. You see, every year we buy those part baked bread rolls to have in the house over Christmas (you know, because the shops are shut for *gasp* an entire day, so you have to stock up, in case you run out of something absolutely vital). This year, we were wandering round Tesco and somehow ended up in the home baking aisle. I stopped in front of the packets of bread mix on the shelf, and we both had a mini eureka moment. We picked up one plain white mix, and one fancy cheese and onion flavour.

We baked the white loaf on Boxing Day. I followed the instructions to the letter (pretty much add water, mix into dough, knead, leave to rise, bake) and ended up with a rather tasty, if overly large loaf of bread.

When it rose, it rose somewhat more on one side than the other.

We ate it with the left over ham, and it was delicious.

Just this weekend past, we re-discovered the other bread mix and gave that a go.

It smelled really cheese and oniony, right from the start

This one rose in a far more sensible fashion than the other loaf.

Look! Proper bread!

Arty farty shot of the slices, before I slathered them in Clover and pate.

So, not technically a cook book recipe, but our success has paved the way for some more experimentation using the recipes in my Good Housekeeping Baking Book!


  1. I love fresh baked bread, I wish I could trust myself around it!

  2. A little bit sheepish10 January 2012 at 07:42

    Yum! Love roasted pig products and fresh bread

  3. How funny, I just posted a cookbook challenge today ;)

    The roasted pig products look and sound lovely, pigs in blankets (or "pigs in pigs" as they are known in my family of weirdos!) are my favourite.

    The breads look great. I love those bread mix packets; sometimes make my own from scratch, but the packets always seem to work so much better! Never tried the cheese and onion one, but it looks good!

  4. Mmmmmm, pigs in blankets yummy! That bread looks very tasty too!

  5. BACON BACON BACON I couldn't get past that picture.  Pigs in blankets in my family means hotdogs wrapped in biscuits...but using bacon sounds oh so much better.


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