Friday, 6 January 2012

First FO of 2012

Determined as I was to get my WIP list down to a sensible level, I took advantage of all the extra crafting time the Christmas break has afforded, and finally finished Jamie's hat!

Pattern: Ribbed Watchman's Hat by Channah Koppel
Yarn: Patons UK Wool Blend Aran in olive green (less than one skein)
Needles: 4.5mm dpns

This was a really simple pattern to work, but the endless rounds of k2p2 ribbing got on my nerves after a while! I was so fed up by the time I neared the end, I finished the main part half an inch early, knitting to 9 inches instead of 9.5. The decrease rounds flew by, but I'm not too keen on the way they switch from rib to plain stockinette for the last few rounds, it looks a bit odd.

I had a bit of a hard time starting out with this hat, because I initially cast on the 96 stitches as per the pattern., but the combination of yarn and slightly smaller needles meant it wasn't big enough. So after knitting somewhere between three and four inches, I had to rip it all the way back and start again with more stitches! I didn't think ahead far enough though, reasoning that increasing in multiples of 4 was all I needed, to maintain the rib. So I added 12 stitches and started again. When I got to the decreases, I realised that increasing in multiples of 8 was actually far more sensible, so had to fudge one of the rounds to keep the stitch count right. So next time (if there is a next time) I will increase my starting stitches by 16!

It fits alright, needs to be worn a bit to stretch it out a little (I can't be bothered to block it). Here's a terrible shot of me wearing it - I haven't managed to get one of it on Jamie's head yet, although he has been wearing it. It's been pretty cold, wet and windy here of late, so it's seeing plenty of use already!

As ever, more FO's are linked to over at Tami's. Don't forget my giveaway!


  1. Great finish and well done on sticking with it, love the colour choice for yarn.

  2. Terrific olive green w/your awesome eyes, Tink!  Ribbed beanies are always great for the guys.

  3. It's funny - the decreases from that pattern worked really well in the hat I made, but I think it was the slightly different tones in the yarn that helped hide the non-ribbed decreases! I think the hat looks great, and with how windy it has been lately it must be very much appreciated right now!

  4. Gosh, it sounds like you had a real wrestling match with that hat!  It looks really good though, and the colour is lovely.  If your weather is anything like ours, I'm sure Jamie's very grateful for it.

  5. It looks good, and a really nice going colour. I have the same problem with ribbed hats, they always looks strange when going to stockinette for the decreases

  6. It looks lovely. I read an idea somewhere for blocking a hat which involved blowing up a balloon to just under the circumference of the wearers head and using that to block it - can't remember where I saw it now! 

    Hope you have a lovely weekend 

  7. I can see how the endless-ribs of this hat might have gotten annoying, but oh, they're lovely! So classic and wonderfully warm looking. 

  8. Isn't it funny how the simplest looking patterns always put up the biggest fight?  I'm glad to hear you conquered all of it, and the hat looks super cozy!  


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