Wednesday, 18 January 2012

For once, lots of progress to report...

I had a lot more time for my crafting this week. Not only have our Thursday night roleplay sessions resumed after the Christmas break, but we spent all day on Saturday playing in a different game, which effectively meant I had 12 hours of practically uninterrupted crafting time (interruptions mainly in the form of eating snacks and pizza, and occasionally having to roll some dice).

I'll start with the existing WIPs first. I am oh so close to finishing the crocheting part of the Cherry Wrap. No new photo since last week, but I have finished the first sleeve and started the second. Soon will come the trials of blocking each piece to the same measurements, and crocheting all the seams.

I cast on for my second leafy fingerless glove on Thursday. Progress was swift, far quicker than the first glove! I guess all that practice on DPNs is really paying off.

I promise this is actually glove two, not a rehashed
photo of glove one at a similar stage.
You can tell its the other glove, as the leaf pattern is the mirror of the glove I've already done.

I think gloves might be my new obsession. I really wanted to knit glove yesterday, but didn't want to deal with complicated patterns so didn't reach for the leafy gloves. Instead, I cast something else on.

Yes, I know, I said I would finish my outstanding YoP Projects before starting anything new, but these aren't on the list so they don't count. Plus, it's using up stash.

Version one, knocked up last night
The yarn is the Cashmerino Chunky I used for my free rapunzel hat. The pattern is a free Ravelry download - easy half mitt. The above photo shows my first attempt. I followed the instructions to the letter and wound up with a lovely glove that was too short for my hand. So it got frogged, and I got out my pencil and paper to work out how to adapt the pattern to fit.

Then I had a crazy idea, and stayed up later than I should have done scribbling.

The modified pattern, and the start of version two.

It occurred to me, that as I am using the same yarn, I could match these gloves to my hat by including the cabled braid pattern from the brim of the hat. So I raided the pattern for the cable chart, and worked out how to fit it onto the back of the plain mitt. I think I've got it right, I just need to knit it up and find out if it works. They're pretty quick to knit up, so even with these modifications I don't think they will take long.


  1. Wow - you go, girl! These are looking fab-u-lous. And I really love the idea of 12 hours crafting stopping only for pizza - that sounds like a wonderful day. 
    Can't wait to see your FOs! 

  2. Everything looks great! Isn't it funny how inspiration always hits at night:)

  3. I'm impressed, it's all looking pretty great! 

  4. 12 hours of craft time, you lucky duck!  I love love love these gloves, love the pattern, love the yarn color.  Can't wait to see them done!

  5. Loving leafy mitt #2, and wildly in awe of your schematics (sounds so much better than scribbles!).  Can't wait to see how those turn out!

  6. Get you designing your own pattern, with cables and all *grins* Nice one! Love the idea of making it match the hat. The leafy mitt #2 looks gorgeous, and you do seem to have got super speedy on the DPNs!

    Do you have blocking wires (or wires that can be used as blocking wires - thin and slightly flexible wire works)? Might make it easier to block things to the same dimension for your wrap

  7. Woah! You have been seriously busy! You chose some pretty great patterns!

  8. How wonderful to be able to knit w/out interruption!  Great progress you got goin' on.  How clever of you to figure out how to fit the cable onto your half mitt to match your Rapunzel hat.

  9. Yeah I have a set of blocking wires. It's just going to take forever!

  10. Sounds complicated! Hmm 12 hours of pure crafting - bliss

  11. Great idea to incorporate the cable braid pattern into the mitts. I hope it works out!


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