Friday, 6 January 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Last night was the Twelfth Night of Christmas, making today the twelfth day, and the deadline for taking down the Christmas decorations. I always count down to the 6th January, as I am determined each year to leave the decorations up for as long as possible.

This year I had so much fun putting up a daily decoration for the advent calendar, I decided to make myself a Twelve Days of Christmas calendar too!

I found these gorgeous embroidery patterns for sale online here. I printed out the full size pictures onto some thin card, cut them out and each day I have been putting them on the wall. We have this handy edge that is exactly the right size for them!

It is a shame I don't have a laminator, or I'd laminate them to keep them for the future. I will put them away carefully this year so hopefully I can use them again.


  1. I wish I had that spirit, but I took my tree down on Wednesday when I was energetic to do it as I was working today. The pictures you have up on your wall are really cute :) 

  2. These are definitely worth keeping. Hey, maybe you can get it laminated in a shop?


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