Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review of the Year part two - photography

I set myself three photography challenges at the start of the year. I have successfully completed two of them, but the third has been more difficult.

The easiest challenge to complete was the Four Seasons Challenge. Quite simply, one photo representing each season. I blogged about completing it here, once I'd taken the fourth and final photo for Autumn.

Autumn leaves
The longest challenge was the 52 Photos in 52 Weeks. Obviously, I only finished that yesterday! The full set of 52 photos is here on the blog, but you can also view them in their own set on my Flickr photostream. Quite a few of the photos turned out to be yarn related, as I found myself lacking in time and inspiration quite a bit through the year! 

Tusculum Cowl blocking - week 23

I did use it as an excuse to get out and about though, and managed to see loads of awesome places, like Beale Park, Whipsnade Zoo, London, Oxford and the Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire. I also spent a lot of time playing with all the settings on my camera, and getting to know how to use it better. I was very impressed with the fireworks settings!

Elvetham Hotel - week 14

Giraffe at Whipsnade - week 29

Newbury fireworks - week 45

Looking through the photos now, it seems Mr Fidget and my cooking also feature quite heavily in the weeks where nothing else interesting occurred!

The third and final challenge was actually quite challenging. It was the Object Photo Challenge, which involved taking a list of items and taking photos specifically of them. Some were fairly easy, and I was able to grab a suitable photo while out and about, but others required more forethought and as a result, are still not there! I will carry this over into 2012, and make sure I take the time to find the missing objects.

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