Monday, 24 October 2011

Four Seasons Photo Challenge

Now that Autumn has finally arrived, I am able to say I have actually completed one of the photo challenges I set myself back in December, when I started this blog.

Admittedly, I only needed four photos to complete it! One of each season. As I started the challenge in January, I took Winter as the first season to snap.

Windscreen interior
Ice had formed on the inside of the car windscreen, it was that cold.

Then I had a very long wait for Spring! Not just for the months to turn, but for the world around me to actually start looking like the season it was meant to be, and for the right photo to present itself.

I love the contrast between the white of the flowers and the blue of the sky.
At the beginning of April I managed to get this lovely shot of the blossom on a tree by my office, against a bright blue sky.

While I'd taken lots of photos over the summer, very few of them really represented what Summer was about. So, for Summer (even though I took the photo in September, since the weather has been so crazy it has still felt like summer until just recently) I give you this:

The old Corkscrew track
The Corkscrew track on display at Alton Towers

Summer to me always heralded the return of weekend trips to the theme park, and although we never went to Alton Towers when I was young, this represents all of those theme park visits I enjoyed in the summer months.

And finally, we come to Autumn. Despite our Indian Summer lasting well into October, autumn has well and truly arrived here in the UK. The temperatures have dropped, mornings are now frosty and all the trees are turning the most glorious shades of red and gold. So, for autumn, I have chosen this:

instagram leaf
Autumn leaves have the most wonderful colour palettes, don't they.
Unlike all of my other photos, this one was taken with my iPhone camera, so I am rather pleased with how well it came out. I ran it through Instagram, but preferred the look of it on "normal" to any of the other settings! I can't wait to get my hands on an upgrade and get a better camera on the phone, so I can play with Instagram some more.

So there you have it, four seasons captured in four photographs. That's one photo challenge down. To see how I'm getting on with the others, check out the 52 Week challenge here, and the object photo challenge here.


  1. I love all your photos, but that last one is amazing. It's not just the colours, it's the way you captured the texture too... I want to reach out and crackle that leaf ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the ice, and the colours in the autumn leaf are stunning

  3. Lovely pictures - the autumn colours are so inspiring.

  4. Lovely pictures. They represent the seasons nicely.  I could never do that here.  Fall, winter and spring are one season called not overbearingly HOT!!

  5. These photos are great, my favourite is definitely the autumn leaf, gorgeous texture. I'm a big fan of your blog (although a real non commenting lurker - sorry :) ) I've passed a Liebster award on to you, I hope that's okay - I've posted about it here  All the best :)

  6. Aaaw thanks! I am a terrible lurker too.


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