Sunday, 30 October 2011

Year of Projects - October round-up

So we've reached the 4 month mark in this Year of Projects now. One third complete. So, theoretically, I should have hit 33% completion on my list, right?

Lets take a look:

Knit Projects:

1. Easy Lace Stole - in progress, but currently in time out because of snapped yarn. Probably about a third complete.
2. Thinking of You scarf - completed
3. Victorian Scarf - completed
4. Hypernova - in progress, making steady progress too, as this is my train knitting.

I get about five rows done on the way to work, and about three or four
done on the way home each day. Slow but steady growth.

5. Sojourn Falls scarf - not started. Yarn in stash, still need to order seed beads and get a cable needle.
6. 198yds of heaven - not started. Yarn in stash.
7. Ribbed Lace Bolero - not started. Have just bought some Rowan Calmer from a Ravelry destash which should be perfect for it.
8. Eleonora - not started. Yarn not chosen yet.
9. Leafy Fingerless Gloves - in progress. Maybe a quarter to a third through the first glove.

Working on DPNs is incredibly fiddly and annoying.

10. Free Rapunzel! - not started. Yarn in stash.
11. Alasse Miriel Hooded Cowl - not started. Yarn not chosen yet.

Knit Totals:

Completed: 2 (18%)
In Progress: 3 (27%)
Not Started: 6 (55%)

Crochet Projects:

1. Sweet Pea Shawl - completed
2. Crochet Lacy Wrap - completed
3. Jane Austen Shawl - completed
4. Diamonds Shawl - not started. Yarn not chosen.
5. Cherry Wrap - in progress. Four balls out of fourteen used up. Still a way to go!

This project is impossible to photograph! This is one complete back
panel, and the start of one front panel.
6. Fern Cowl - not started. Yarn in stash.
7. Phoebe Jane vest - not started. Yarn not chosen.
8. Persimmon Pullover - not started. Yarn not chosen.
9. The Pineapple Monokini - not started. Yarn not chosen.
10. Pond Friends Stacking Toy - not started. Yarn in stash.

Crochet Totals:

Completed: 3 (30%)
In Progress: 1 (10%)
Not Started: 6 (60%)

Overall Totals:

Completed: 5 (24%)
In Progress: 4 (19%)
Not Started: 12 (57%)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have finished more crochet projects than knitting projects at this stage. Crochet is, after all, faster. Even though my finished percentage is only 24%, if you add in the in progress stuff that pushes it up to over a third, so I guess I am pretty on target. Quite a few of the up-coming crochet projects are going to be quick ones, as will a couple of the chunkier knit projects. Once you take into account the fact I have other WIPs on the go as well, and not unlimited time, I think I'm doing pretty well!


  1. I think a 24% completion rate is pretty good, especially since half your projects are either started or WIPs

  2. Looks like your right on track,  That's awesome.  And I love the purple yarn.  Super pretty.

  3. I think you are doing pretty well too!
    The hyper nova is so pretty, steady progress is the stuff that creeps up on you and says 'I'm finished' before you notice it.

    Happy crafting this week!

  4. I haven't dared do the maths on mine yet - yours is very impressive! All your projects are so pretty.

  5. hypernova is looking lovely!  And what is that crochet creation?  *runs off to hunt you down on ravelry*

  6. All  your projects are so lovely!  I can't believe we are 1/3 of the way through already.  Time just really needs to slow down. I better get busy. :)

  7. I think you're doing pretty well too.  Had to smile re your train knitting.  If you can get 5 rows done on the way to work and 3-4 on the way home, all I can say is I think you're working way too hard AT work !!  Slow down girl, take it easy, then you'll be able to get 5 done on the way home too :)

  8. A little bit sheepish31 October 2011 at 08:06

    Your project photos are looking great the Hypernova is fab and such gorgeous green yarn. I tend to use a stray dpn as a cable needle, saves buying extra stuff

  9. I'm impressed with your progress :) The leafy fingerless gloves are looking amazing already (I've never knit anything more complicated than rib on DPNs, so I'm doubly impressed!)

  10. Hehe sadly it's not a case of being too tired, it's a time issue. The train in the morning sits at the station for maybe five minutes before leaving, and sits outside the station for five minutes before arriving. The train home is a lot quicker and far busier.

  11. Ooh good idea. And now I have DPNs to spare which I can use.

    The green is lovely, isn't it. My readers chose well :)

  12. It's no trickier than just doing rib. It helps that the pattern is confined to one needle. The other two are just rib, so you kind of get to relax a bit between pattern rows!

  13. You've got a lot more done than I.  You're doing so well.
    My will be sad as I'll try to post about it today.

  14. 'Have just bought some Rowan Calmer from a Ravelry destash which should be perfect for it.'

    Evil giggles...


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