Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well, I promised a catch up, so here goes...

I have six WIPs on the needles/hooks at the moment. Three of them are from my Year of Projects list, two are part of my War on WIPs and one is a spur-of-the-moment I have to make this now project.

Year of Projects - Forest Lace

This is an old photo. It's not worth re-taking yet!
The Easy Lace Stole may be easy, but it's looooong. I am now up to around 20" long. It is my default roleplay night project and also my default knitting-in-vehicles project. I may start taking it to work with me, to knit on the train, since I don't have a book on the go at the moment as we can't find the one I want to read. I have a real feeling that I'll get to the end of the Year, and this will be my final finish! I think I'm struggling to get lots done to it because it doesn't have a deadline. I don't need it for anything. Maybe I need someone else to get married, so I can finish it in time to wear it to a wedding. It worked for the Sweet Pea and Jane Austen shawls!

Year of Projects - Thinking of Me

This one has grown a lot since I last shared.
When I last shared this scarf, it was 17" long and I was starting to get bored of the wavy eyelet rib section. I had to knit that till I hit 36", so I still had a fair way to go then. Well, I got over the hurdle of joining my new ball of yarn, reached 36" and rejoiced at the change in stitch pattern. I've reached the interesting bit, the interlocking heart charts that are the reason for wanting this scarf in the first place!

I love the way the hearts appear from a seemingly random selection of yarn overs and decreases. They're so neat, and so sweet. I'm halfway through the second repeat of the chart, so there are four and a half hearts still to go, plus a short end section of the wavy eyelet rib. I'm sure I've got enough yarn. I've had to resort to using a spreadsheet to keep track of which row I'm on, because as well as keeping track of the 38 row heart chart, I have to keep track of the 4 row repeat which continues on the edge of the chart! This means I can only work on the scarf when I'm in front of my laptop.

I've been working on it almost exclusively for the last week or more, but not the last few nights. I can't decide whether to keep focusing on it and finish it, or to put it down for a little while in favour of something else!

Year of Projects - Cherry Wrap

In this case, lack of progress means re-using a photo.
Another project which dived into semi-hibernation after the initial new project joy. What actually happened was I finished the first panel as per the instructions, but needed to check the size before fastening off and starting the second panel. After consultation with Jamie, we decided the panel was wide enough, but not long enough, so I've set off on another two sets of pattern repeats to make it longer. Unfortunately, the heatwave we've had has prevented me from working on it, because it's too hot to have a pile of merino on my lap!

War on WIPs - Wand'ring Lonely

Again, not enough progress to re-take the shot

I have worked on it, I promise! I'm now up to row 75 completed, almost 55%. Still 12,400 stitches to go!

War on WIPs - Poncho Resurrection

Remember me?
Hmmm, embarrassed face time. I was very excited about this project when I first started it, and then I lost all interest in favour of other things. I get fed up with all the colour changing, it's a bit fiddly. Actually, this project would probably be a good candidate for the One-a-Day meme going around. That's seven a week; I could probably manage that.

Shiny New Project - Rosie's Rosie

Copyright Paola Navarro
If you follow me on Twitter, you would have maybe seen my joyous tweeting of the arrival of our niece at the end of September. When we first heard that she had been born (and that she was a girl), I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her. Sod the pond stacking toys I've got in my YoP list (I will still make those, but as a Christmas presents for the children in our friendship group), I'm using this as an excuse to make one of Delicious Crochet's amazing plushies. I've had my eye on these patterns ever since Stacey featured Paola on her blog.

I particularly wanted to make this rabbit as a gift for a special girl, as my favourite toy from childhood was a grey rabbit called.. Rabbit. What makes it perfect for my niece, well, her parents own pet rabbits and are very fond of them, so a rabbit softie would be welcomed I am sure. So Rosie Rabbit was chosen, bought and yarn ordered.

Then I found out my niece had been named Rosie. How perfect is that!

I haven't got very far yet, have just finished off the basic head shape. I'm using a mixture of the Sirdar Bonus DK acrylic I already have, plus some Stylecraft Special DK I've ordered specially. I've gone with grey for the fur, instead of brown, and my dress and hat will be two shades of pink, rather than pink and purple. I'm not going to rush Rosie's Rosie, I'm going to work at a steady pace and probably have it ready for Christmas.

So there you are, all my WIPs lined up for inspection. Nothing looks even close to being finished soon, apart from the red scarf. Maybe I should just power through with that and get it done. What do you reckon?

While you ponder, why not check out everyone else's progress at Tami's?


  1. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch5 October 2011 at 20:57

    Love all of your WIPs and I can totally see why you started the adorable Rosie Rabbit! So cute. 

    I think you should just work on what you fancy working on - if I knit/crochet something I feel I "should" be doing, I usually make a mess of it :D 

  2. Everything looks great.
    You could always set a goal for so many goals  a day which could make you feel like you're accomplishing something.  Or you could just focus on a few of the projects first.

  3. Quite a range of projects you have going.  I love the color of the forest shawl, the hearts in the scarf.  What a great gift for you niece.  I'm all about the bunnies, as you know. 

  4. That's quite a selection of WIPs ! And they're all looking great :-) I'm looking forward to  seeing your Wabbit :-)

  5. Love the colours of forest lace! Gorgeous x

  6. All your wips look great! I love the heart detail on your scarf!

  7. The poncho would definitely be a great one a day candidate.


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