Thursday, 20 October 2011

War on WIPs!

Last night I fought another mini battle in the War on WIPs.

Since the Forest Lace stole is now officially in Time Out mode (after my yarn snapped, got fixed and then snapped again two rows later), I needed a new project to take with me to roleplay night. Something simple and easy, that wouldn't take too much of my attention away from the game.

I immediately thought of my poncho. This project has been buried underneath other WIPs for a while now, and hasn't really progressed anywhere. I took all the other projects out of the bag they were sharing with it (it was hiding behind the sofa along with the Cherry Wrap and the few completed pieces of Rosie the Rabbit) and did a quick recap of my progress so far.

I had 12 circles completed, three of which are already joined together from when I first started and was testing out the joining method I had devised. Good job I did that, because I have no idea where the piece of paper that I scribbled the charts on has gone. I will have to re-scribble them!

Having made the earlier decision to just crochet the circles and worry about joining them up later, I took my brown, grey and beige yarn cakes, a 5mm hook and my trusty little scissors with me to roleplay last night, and between dice rolls and snacks managed to churn out another 13 motifs!

I'm not even thinking about weaving in all those ends.

So thats 25 motifs completed out of a total required of 120. 20% complete! In order to speed up this project, I think I might set myself a target of making at least one motif a day, on top of the 13 or 14 I will be able to do at the weekly gaming session. That would be about 20 a week, giving me another five weeks till I have enough. Then another week to weave in all those ends, and a week beyond that to do the joining.. I might have this baby finished by the middle of December, and the pattern written up and on Ravelry by Christmas.


  1. Cool, I'm glad your poncho has come out of hibernation ;) Sounds like an excellent roleplay night project too. Really annoying about the yarn snapping twice on the stole though - that sucks :/

  2. The lovely ladies at the knit night helped me split splice the yarn back together, and pick the stitches back up that I'd lost (I still can't do that myself!). Two rows later, the yarn snapped again! Unfortunately, not while I was still at knit night, so it's currently sat on the naughty step, until I have the time and brain power to deal with it (probably this weekend).

  3. Delusional Knitter20 October 2011 at 13:30

    Wow 13 in one night ... while multitalking and gaming too!  Great job!

  4. A little bit sheepish20 October 2011 at 14:22

    Great progress, I am impressed with your super speed, but all the ends gives me the heebie jeebies!

  5. I'm ignoring the ends for now. They do not exist.

    *sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalala!

  6. Awesome progress!  I love how Granny motifs are easy to whip up w/little attention.  Glad you had a great night of game playin' and crochetin'.

  7. That's coming along so quickly, well done! And I'm loving the colours you're using, it's looking great.

  8. It's nice to go back to a WIP and find new energy for it. Sometimes they are more interesting after a time-out.

  9. I hope you put up the pattern for that, because I dig the joining method a lot. :)


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