Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review of the Year Part one - knitting and crochet

Back in January I had just started writing this blog. I set myself some goals to meet, and I have to say, looking back on the year, it is nice to say that I have achieved a fair few of them! So much to talk about in 2011, but I thought I would try and sum it up in as few words as possible.

Presenting the first part of my review of 2011 - my knittting and crocheting FOs from the year:

I only really got bitten by the knitting bug once I started on the Year of Projects challenge. Determined to learn more advanced knitting techniques than I already knew, I have tackled lace, cables and knitting in the round and succeeded with everything I've tried. I still have several knitting WIPs on the needles to take me into the new year, plus several more still to do from the list.

My crochet output has been somewhat more prolific. I've crocheted hats, scarves, shawls, baby gifts, toys, charity squares, LRP costumes and socks. I knew I'd done a lot, but until I'd put them all together in one collage I had no idea it was this much!

I hope I am able to produce as much (and of the same quality) next year!


  1. It looks awesome!  You accomplished so much.Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations on your achievements this year! Here's to another year of beautiful knitting!

  3. Impressive!  I keep thinking that I should learn to crochet along with my knitting--maybe in 2012!

  4. A little bit sheepish2 January 2012 at 19:42

    Lots of super projects and great to see them all together. Looking forward to seeing what you make in the coming year


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