Friday, 9 December 2011

FO Friday - Rosie's Rosie Rabbit

I can't tell you how happy I am with this FO. It is my one piece of Christmas gift crafting and it is done! I've had the pieces finished for a couple of weeks now, but what it needed was some dedicated time to sit down and weave in ends, trim tails and sew it together. Always my least favourite part of amigurumi construction! But it was worth the effort.

Isn't she adorable?

She is just so darn cute. I want to keep her. But I know she'll be far better appreciated where she is going! I just hope everyone likes her.

Pattern: Rosie Rabbit by Paola Navarro (direct link to Delicious Crochet shop here)
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in various colours
Hook: 2.5mm

I made no real modifications to the pattern, all I did was substitute colours. I wanted to make her grey instead of beige, because my favouirite stuffed animal from my childhood was a grey rabbit, and I loved the Little Grey Rabbit book I had when I was a child (I had Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday). I also used a slightly different combination of pink/purple for the clothes. I also used a more beige colour instead of white or ivory for the socks and pants.

The little bob tail is so sweet!
I also omitted the three flowers that are meant to adorn her hat. By the time I was done crocheting the ribbon to go around it, I was fed up of working with the teeny tiny hook and the rather stiff fabric it creates with DK weight yarn.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the pattern. Once I'd got over the odd phrasing of the translated-into-English instructions, I flew through the pieces and was amazed to see how the shaping used creates such perfect features. The head in particular is extremely well designed.

Even if the eyes were a little fiddly!

The hat is removable, but the rest of her outfit is very firmly attached. Hopefully you can see from the photos that her legs and arms are poseable, due to the way they are attached, so she can stand up or sit down, and you can put the arms practically anywhere.

I can't work out if she looks cuter with or without the hat

I will be wrapping her up tonight ready to go in the post tomorrow, with my Christmas swap parcels. I want to make sure she gets to Wales in plenty of time before the big day. It will be Rosie's first Christmas and although she is going to be far too young to really get involved (she's only 3 months old or so) I hope her parents appreciate the gift, and that Rosie gets to love her Rosie Rabbit for as long as I've loved my old grey rabbit.


  1. Oh, she's just gorgeous, I love her! So cute, and the construction looks very impressive :)

  2. She is incredibly cute! And she looks amazing, really well made. I think I love her with the hat off best =)

  3. She is SO cute! I love the little ear holes in the hat!

  4. She's so sweet!  Love her little tail.

  5. Awesome job, Tink!  I can see her being smooshed and kissed a lot with so much love.

  6. My jaw literally dropped a little when I saw the first photo of Rosie, oh wow!  Worth every moment of fiddly-little-hook and lots-of-weaving-in effort, she's gorgeous.  Her face really is beautifully made, I'm so glad it was a good pattern, and you executed it just amazingly.  This is like, the best first-Christmas gift ever, and I'm sure it's going to become a really treasured object.

  7. A little bit sheepish10 December 2011 at 09:49

    She is adorable, and perfect that she is called Rosie.. You have a lot more patience with the fiddly bits of amigurumi than I do

  8. She is gorgeous! I hate assembling amigurumi too. :) I'm sure she'll be loved for a long time!

  9. She is adorable I love her little knickers with her tail poking through too cute. She is just wonderful I'm sure she will be loved for a very long time. xx


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