Thursday, 8 December 2011

WIP Wed... er Thursday

Starting a new job this week has made me so brain dead by the time I get home each night I haven't really had much energy or focus to craft or blog. I still haven't made my final three felt ornaments for the advent calendar, and now it's the 8th already and I don't have an ornament to hang. I think I've finally decided which shape to make, but now all my craft things are hidden behind the Christmas tree, the effort required is currently proving too great. Hopefully I will get time at the weekend to sort that out.

My WIP list is looking a lot healthier these days, after finishing two projects this week. I'm back down to 6 projects listed as WIPs on Ravelry, but that sort of hides the two projects I've relegated to hibernating status as it's been so long since I worked on them (the filet panel, and the forest lace stole).

The one thing I have been working on is another hat. Since I enjoyed knitting Free Rapunzel so much, I cast on another hat shortly before I finished it. This one is for Jamie, and it's a basic ribbed beanie.

This picture was taken a little while ago
The pattern I'm following is the Ribbed Watchman's Hat which is a free pattern developed for a charity knitting project, making hats for Israeli soldiers. The yarn I'm using is Patons Wool Blend Aran, on 4.5mm needles. I thought maybe I would have gauge issues, but didn't bother to swatch.

I wish I had.

This photo was taken today

After I got to about 4 inches of knitting, I tried it on. It was snug on me, so it was never going to fit him! I did measure and count my stitches, and made the executive decision to frog and start over, with an extra 12 stitches. This one should fit! It is a nice easy knit that I can do almost without looking at my hands. Hopefully I will get it finished before the cold weather really hits.

Here is my progress on my granny square blanket. The red line marks the original edge of the bought blanket, so I'm four rows done! I've chosen to go back to the paler colours present in the centre, and work outwards back to the brighter ones. I'm using yarns I have left over from various projects, although you may recognise these first three as coming from Rosie Rabbit. She is finished, and will be unveiled in all her glory tomorrow, before I wrap her up and pop her in the post.


  1. Love the hat and its gone straight to my fav list on ravelry lol. Best of luck with the new job and hope your routine settles in you so can get back to your crafting.

  2. It sucks that work gets in the way of fun crafty times!  boo work! 

    Good luck getting those ornaments done!


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