Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's Christmas!!!!

Happy 1st December everyone! I am very excited about Christmas this year, because I don't have exams to sit any more, so can start thinking about it right from the start of December.

As it's the 1st, and my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled up with people talking about what was in their advent calendar this morning, I thought I'd share some pics of my homemade advent calendar up on the wall.

It looks a bit bare at the moment, but imagine how it will look in a week or two!

I still haven't made the final three ornaments, but will get that done this weekend. I need to make the final decision on which shape to use! Thanks to you guys and your fabulous suggestions, I now have lots of choice.

Today we drew the yellow star
This afternoon is dedicated to tidying the house in preparation for putting up the Christmas tree. As we're out roleplaying tonight, we may not have enough time to get the tree up today. so I thought I'd share a video I made last year, when we put up the tree.

We made it for our vlogging group on Facebook, so feel free to skip over the first couple of minutes, in which I waah about other stuff. I also apologise for some of the editorial musical choices, as we were quite drunk by the time we came to put the video together! The video may also be blocked in some countries due to copyright issues with the music we used, so apologies if you are in one of those countries and the video doesn't work for you.


  1. A little bit sheepish1 December 2011 at 14:34

    Super video, makes me feel quite Christmassy :)

  2. I really enjoyed making it last year. My friends had done one in a similar vein at Halloween, with pumpkin carving, so I was shamelessly copying from them. By the time we came to edit, we were on our second bottle of wine...

  3. How cute that you handstitched for your Advent Calendar.  What fun!

  4. Yours is one of the nicest advent calendars I've seen ... love its simplicity.


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