Thursday, 15 December 2011

A quick check in

I'll say one thing for my new job - it's keeping me busy! I didn't quite realise just how much spare time I had on my hands in my previous job, as my interaction with all social media has taken a bit of a nose dive over the last two weeks. For the first time in ages, I have a backlog of unread posts in my Google Reader, and I've been nowhere near as active on Twitter or in the Ravelry forums as I usually am. This has also had the knock on effect of giving me less time to write posts here, which I am not happy about!

Hopefully I will remedy this once I am settled in properly and back to something resembling a normal sleeping pattern.

I have been knitting though, so here's a quick catch up on what's been keeping me busy this week.


Jamie's hat is now back up to where it was before I had to frog it for being too small. It's looking like it will be big enough now, but I've still got another five or so inches to knit before I can start decreasing.

Another hat!

Another hat! Compared to the photo above it looks massive, but it's nowhere near as big as Jamie's. This one is for another baby, due in the new year. I've already made a pair of booties (I'll share them tomorrow) so this is a hat to match. It's Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which is just as lovely to work as the DK and Chunky weights! Just the Aran weight left, and then I'll have worked with them all. It's definitely my new favourite yarn.

Not a hat!
Ok, so this isn't a knit or crochet project, but this week a friend and I got together to make flavoured gin. We'd picked a fair amount of sloe berries on our walk in Whitchurch, which had been sitting in the freezer ever since we got them home. On Tuesday evening we met up and had a rather fun time squishing the berries into a bottle of gin. We only had enough sloes for one bottle, so since we had two, we dug out some blackberries from the freezer and used them to fill this bottle. The sloe gin is under the care of my friend, while I am responsible for the blackberry. It's such a great colour (which unfortunately, hasn't really shown in the photo), and I am quite enjoying giving it its daily shaking. Shame it's going to be at least three months before we can try them out!


  1. How interesting!  Flavored gin!  Let us know how it tastes.
    Love the colors of that second baby hat!

  2. Love the hats and the baby's one is such an unusual colourway, really pretty. Oh let us know how the flavoured gin tastes.

  3. Oooh, I've made flavoured vodka but never gin (FYI, werther's originals in vodka, left to dissolve for ages, makes a wonderful toffee vodka!)

    Hats are looking good, glad you still have some time to knit with your busy new job (hope it is going well!)


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