Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cook from a Cookbook - Scotch Eggs

The second thing we cooked on Sunday that we'd never made before was Scotch Eggs. Now, I'm cheating a little on the challenge here, as I don't have a recipe from my cookbook shelf for this, so we sort of looked up several online to get the basic idea, then made up our own!

I swear that gin is doing its best to be in all my Cookbook challenge photos!
We only boiled our eggs for 4 minutes, as we prefer them soft boiled, and figured they'd cook a bit in the fryer too, so we didn't want to overdo it. Most of the recipes we'd looked up involved adding all sorts of exciting extras to the sausage meat; we stayed simple, and seasoned it with salt, black pepper and dried mixed herbs.

I am amazed that I managed to keep the flour away from my clothes this time

Sausagemeat is far worse to handle than minced meat, so making up the Scotch Eggs was less entertaining than forming burger patties.

There's that gin bottle again...

I love coating stuff with breadcrumbs

But you don't half get messy doing it.
We had no idea what temperature to set the fryer to, since we had no recipe, so we hedged our bets and set it to about 130°C.

We cooked two at a time, for ten minutes, turning halfway through
Oh my God they were delicious. I love Scotch Eggs, but to have them fresh out of the fryer, still warm, with slightly runny yolks still inside.. it was amazing. We will definitely be making these again!

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  1. Very cool :) Scotch eggs always seem like a bit too much of a faff to me (but if I liked them more, maybe I'd put the effort in!)

    Glad to see the gin is still helping out ;)


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