Sunday, 9 January 2011

52 Photos in 52 Weeks - Week Two

So yesterday marked the start of Week Two of the 52 week photo challenge. I know theoretically I have the whole week, and ought to wait until Friday before choosing which photo to use, but since the weekends are the only days in January I actually get to enjoy the daylight hours, I've kind of settled for taking the photo on the weekend at the start of each week. Hopefully, as the days get longer, I will find more opportunities to take pictures elsewhere/at other times.

On to this week's photo then. We had some friends visiting this weekend, so arranged to go out to the pub last night with everyone. The pub nearest our house has recently been refurbished, going from a very cheap, studenty Scream pub to what looks from the outside like a very up-market, posh gastropub. We weren't sure how a posh pub would work in this area, as we're quite close to the university so have a lot of students in the area.

But it's actually quite nice. Not massively expensive, compared to the other pubs we usually go to in town (although definately more expensive than it was, as we have a discount card for the Scream pub chain!) and very nicely decorated. The pub garden is vastly improved, with better furniture, heaters and pretty twinkly lights everywhere.


We particularly liked these lanterns. They're made of wood. I especially like the red glow of the heaters in this shot.

I don't have a lot of experience taking photos at night. It is my intention to explore this a little bit more over the year (maybe even shock horror reading the instruction manual for my camera and having a play with the manual settings).

Watching the BBC Stargazing Live program has also made me keen to take awesome photographs of the night sky, so I will definately need to get better at it in order to do that.


  1. That's a lovely picture, I love those lanterns too, very pretty. I feel your pain on only really seeing daylight at weekends, doesn't the sun know we have blogs to take photos for!

  2. That's a really beautiful picture. I liked your one for last week too. The daylight + photography problem bugs me too during the winter, but it's good to challenge yourself to take photos under different circumstances.


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