Monday, 31 January 2011

Taking the plunge

On my list of goals for 2011, one of my crocheting targets was to make myself an item of clothing. I've been eyeing up this Avalon top by Doris Chan, from the Naturally Caron website.

It looks like this:
The pattern calls for Naturally Caron Spa (naturally!) which is 75% acrylic/25% bamboo and, as far as I can tell, unavailable to get hold of here in the UK.

I have been searching for an alternative all month. Of course, I could find nothing with the exact same composition! I have instead focused my search on just finding a yarn with the same tension (22st x 30r = 4") that would hopefully fulfil all my criteria:

a) be available to purchase relatively cheaply in the UK
b) come in a variety of colours so I'd have plenty to choose from
c) be washable and the sort of material I'd be comfortable wearing next to my skin

After searching high and low, I stumbled almost by accident upon Wendy Mode DK, and a website (Cucumberpatch Ltd) which sells it for the rather lovely price of £1.40 per ball (that's point [a] satisfied). It comes in 35 different colourways (tick for point [b]) and is 50% acrylic/50% merino wool (point [c] covered then).

So today I have taken the plunge, and ordered 10 balls in Vanilla (which should give me more than enough yardage, as my calculations, based on the yardage of Caron Spa and the requirements of the pattern, estimate I need just over 8 balls). I'll have to get a 5mm hook as well, don't currently have one as I haven't needed one yet.

So hopefully, I shall start on this later on in the week. I am very excited about it!


  1. That would be awesome as a dress.


  2. I'm glad you managed to find some yarn to make this in, that pattern is lovely and I can't wait to see how yours works up. I'm starting to yearn for a crocheted item of clothing (that isn't a hat, hah) to wear, too.


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