Wednesday, 12 January 2011

WIP Wednesday 3

Another Wednesday already! I am happy to report I have a new WIP to show you this week, hopefully to make up for any lack of progress on the amigurumi front.

Lets start with the WIPs from last week:

Granny Rectangle
No pics of this one today, as it doesn't really look that different to last week. I've done maybe four more rounds since last Wednesday (mostly at the end of last week), and I'm starting to look like I'm going to run out of some of the colours soon. So a trip to Hobbycraft will be in order at some point this week!

Clown Fish
I'm afraid I have to report no further progress on the clown fish. I did try, but I have to admit the pattern is defeating me. I just can't get the dorsal fin to work! I think I know what the problem is, I just need to wait until I'm not likely to throw it across the room in frustration again.

and finally.... the new WIP for the week:

Tiramisu Baby Blanket
This week I learned another friend was expecting a baby. That makes three babies due between now and August. I'd best get busy! I already had a couple of items in my Ravelry queue. The Lion Brand hooded baby blanket is one, but I want to use Sirdar Supersoft Aran for that, which means a trip to Jacksons, where they sell it quite cheaply. I needed things I could start immediately, and use the pale yellow Top Value DK I was given for Christmas.

The Tiramisu blanket pattern (Ravelry pattern link here) looks really cute in all the FO pics on the site, plus it's free, which is always a bonus (don't think I've paid for a pattern yet!). However, a quick glance over it showed me straight away that my yarn was not the same as the recommended, so a test swatch was definately needed:

After a couple of goes, and a bit of a head scratch as I worked out the maths behind the pattern and how to scale it, I finally settled on chaining 121 stitches instead of 91, with a 6mm hook. The rest should follow on from that neatly enough.

After a couple of days working on it, it now looks like this:

A whole nine inches done. Out of 32, so I've a bit to go yet before I can get excited about the border! I'm not sure what colour ribbon to go for, although of the three babies it could go to, one is definately a girl and one is definately a boy, so I could go blue or pink and get away with it. Guess I'll see what's in the shop when I go to get it.

That's all my WIPs this week, head over to Tami's Amis to see the others!


  1. I like the yellow. It is nice and sunny without being overbright.

  2. I'm excited about the (gorgeous) border on that Tiramisu blanket, too---it looks amazing in the swatch you did, and the non-border bit is working up beautifully.

  3. That is a lot of progress on the blanket! And it's a very cheerful color. I guess you will be busy for awhile if you have 3 babies to make gifts for!

  4. That is a very pretty afghan. I added the pattern to my favorites.

    You could also use white or mint green and make it a uni-sex blanket.

  5. Alicia Paulson is one of my faves. Your blanket is so cute and cheerful in that yellow. What fast progress you've made on it, too. I think a cream or chocolate brown ribbon would be a nice uni-sex option.

  6. Tiramisu is a very sweet pattern, I love the ribbon and the border. Yours is coming along nicely!

  7. What a great blanket! It looks a little like a blanket I had as a baby. The yellow is so bright and cheerful and will look great with either pink or blue!


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