Sunday, 23 January 2011

The trials and tribulations of a crafter

As any crafting pet owner will know, getting animal hair trapped in your knitting/crochet is par for the course. Luckily, as my cat is black, his hair shows up quite obviously against most of my projects, so I can pull it out as I go.

But animal hair isn't the only obstacle I face on a regular basis. A long while ago, when he first moved in with us, I bought Fidget a crocheted blanket to sleep on.

As you can see, it was rather popular.

As a result, Fidget is very fond of my crochet projects. Sometimes, he just tries to help.

Sometimes, he seems to feel I am ignoring him, so deliberately sets out to stop me crocheting.

Now I'm working on my granny rectangle, it's more of a problem than ever. The original blanket was just a big granny square. To Fidget, the new blanket is exactly the same, only even more appealing because it smells more like me than the other one did. It has reached a size now that I can't have it all piled up on my knee when I'm working on it, as I get too hot. So I push most of it to one side.

That's when Fidget invades.


He completely takes it over! And I just feel too cruel to throw him off, because as well as curling up on my project, he squashes himself right up against me and I do enjoy my cuddles!

Of course, it's one thing dealing with a cat who is keen on your crochet. Quite another is dealing with the OH when he gets bored of you sitting there crocheting. Then this happens.



  1. Maybe the OH needs more cuddles?

  2. I don't bother Tams when she crochets. Until she starts stacking crocheted material, loose wool, pattern books and the like on me.

  3. I do cross-stitch embroidery when I have time: years ago, Jess the real cat calmly leaned over, bit the needle and snapped it in half.She also used to swallow lengths of thread if I left them lying around.

    Minnow and the late Bandit used to help me with patchwork, which is why we are currently turning the end room into a teeny work room so I can spread it out in there rather than having a running battle with Min and the Krumps.

    Pickle, Rosa and Nicodemus have helped me to knit. Nicodemus helped me knit a block for the Knit-a-Poem a year or so ago, and Rosa and Pickle like to help me knit socks. I have given up intarsia knitting because Rosa enjoys it too much.


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