Friday, 21 January 2011

A mini FO Friday today

Finally, Friday has arrived and the weekend is here! What better way to welcome in two whole days off work than by sitting back and basking in the glory of a finished piece of art.

This week, I only have one FO to share, as I'm still a clear few weeks from finishing either blanket WIP. It was my friend's birthday last weekend, so we headed up to Northampton to visit and go to her karaoke party. Terribly bad form to turn up at a birthday party without a gift, so after a fruitless argument with Amazon and my friend's wishlish, I opted for handmade.

My friend is one of them pagan sorts, so a quick search on Ravelry turned up a couple of interesting patterns than would have been appropriate. Unfortunately, I didn't think I had the time, or the spare yarn available, to pull together the Tarot Spread Cloth, or the inclination to do one of the Goddess statuette projects I found. What I did find, however, was this:

Pattern: Pentacle Pentagram Hook: 4mm
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus DK in purple, green and black
Modifications: I didn't like the edging in the pattern as it was written, so I changed it as follows:
Round 6: 2sc in first dc, sc in next dc and in each dc around (61 stitches)
Round 7: basic shell stitching, so sc in first sc, sk 1 sc, 5 dc in next sc, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc, repeat to end.

I'm really pleased with the finished motif, and judging by the reaction when the present was opened, so was the recipient!

If I can master the art of crocheting circles into squares, I may do a pentacle motif in a square for the 100 million stitches project.

Head over to Tami's blog to see other finished objects on show. I did, and they are awesome. Sadly, blogger has been screwing me over when it comes to leaving comments, so I have been unable to leave comments where I'd wanted to, and equally unable to respond to comments here. Very frustrating!

So I'm just going to say, if you don't go to Tami's blog, you should at least check out these FOs because they are my favourites this week:

CraftyCripple's socks are amazing, and the homemade stitchmarkers are beautiful!
Kathleen's been busy making preemie hats for charity, and had her first go at dying yarn; it's turned out fantastically.
And I just absolutely adore AutumnGeisha's shawl. The buttons are fab. Makes me want to knit more.


  1. Excellent work on the pentagram circle. Isn't it great to make someone something that is completely unique & then see how happy it makes them?

  2. That pentacle came out beautifully, what a cool gift! I really like the colours you chose.

    And thanks for calling my FO's this week some of your favourites! (Especially when they're in such good company.) I'm so excited about my first hand-dyed yarn. :D

  3. What a great gift that sounds like you definitely took your friend's interest to thought. That's too bad you can't comment right now. :( I hope you're able to fix it!

  4. Sounds like you made the perfect choice! The pentacle came out beautifully. Have a great weekend.

  5. It looks great, I love that you made your friend something unique and suited just for her- the joy of having crafting skills :D

  6. Love how the pentacle turned out, great colors! I'm glad that your friend really liked it, too. It's so interesting to see the unique motifs that you've chosen to crochet. Thanks for the kind compliment on my cowl!


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