Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WIP Wednesday, sort of

So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm crocheting squares for the 100 million stitches project. True to my word, when I got home from work last night I pulled out the yarn I've been using on my granny rectangle, and made my first block, the friendship ring motif I mentioned yesterday.

I'm going to count the 100 million stitches project as one WIP, so although the individual square is finished, the project is ongoing; therefore, by the virtue of tenuous logic, I include it here as a WIP Wednesday, and am not saving it for Friday's FO post!

The picture's not great, but you can see it well enough. Purple and red were my colours of choice for the interlocking rings (and boy, were they a pain in the behind to manouevre around) with a pale blue border. It's come out bang on the 6" required, which is awesome.

I popped out at lunchtime, and had a look in Waterstones at crochet books, the end result of which was me ordering Jan Eaton's book 200 crochet blocks from Amazon when I got back to the office (I don't mind waiting a few days to get my hands on it if it costs me half the price!). No boring plain squares for me in this project! Rather handily, all the patterns in the book are for 6" squares as well, so very little brain power will be required.

An update on my other WIPs:
  • Clown Fish has not changed since last week. I didn't have a chance to have another look at the fins this week, perhaps I will make time to do that tonight.
  • Granny Rectangle is sleeping at the moment, I finished off the round I was halfway through and fastened off because I needed the black for something else (come back on Friday to see why!), and I'm using my only 6mm hook for this and the Tiramisu blanket, so I can only work on one at a time.
  • Tiramisu Baby Blanket is progressing nicely, it's almost halfway done on the main fabric area. No photos though, as it's at home and I am not! Plus, it doesn't look all that different to last week.

As usual, head over to Tami's blog to see everyone else's current WIPs.


  1. Oh wow, that square is gorgeous! I love the bold colours you chose for the rings and the contrast with the blue edging, and your stitches look just perfect. I may have to try one of these squares---I love making motifs, but I never have any idea what to do with them. I wonder if there's a similar project in the states I could send them to?

  2. How funny that you posted this square. Last night at my crochet meet up, my friend brought in a bunch of birthday presents she got from a friend. One of them was this pattern and we were ogling it. It's beautiful! We were also trying to figure out how she did it! LOL Great job!

  3. That's cool. Now you have me wanting to learn how to crochet.

  4. Wow! that square is gorgeous. Well done : )

  5. Beautiful square -- I just love the interlocking rings.

  6. What a lovely square. Your stitches are so even, too.

  7. The friendship ring looks great! I've attempted that same square once, but somehow goofed it up when trying to join the 4th ring. It wasn't pretty, but perhaps I should try again.

  8. Very complicated looking block. Nice colors. Looking forward to see how you progress on the rest of the blocks.

  9. Looks like it was worth the pain in the behind


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