Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Third week out of 52...

Opportunities for photography at the weekend were low on the ground. Sure, I took a lot of photos on Saturday, but that was at a friend's karaoke party and I didn't think drunken shots in a dark club were really appropriate for a photography challenge!

Yesterday it rained all day, so I had no opportunity to go out and take photos during my lunch break. I thought today would be the same, but there were blue skies overhead as I cycled to the station.

I did miss out on a fabulous shot from the train, but I was busy reading the Metro and not sitting with my camera in hand - a small river had burst its bank and flooded a field, and there was a heron striding through the water looking like all his Christmasses had come at once. Would have made an awesome shot, and one I could probably have managed, as it was in a field just before one of the stops along the way so the train had slowed down! Dammit, that's two awesome photos I've missed in as many weeks.  Last week there was a perfect opportunity to shoot a plane flying overhead in a completely clear blue sky, with the sun glinting off the metalwork, but I didn't have my camera with me as I'd just popped to the corner shop to buy a tin of beans.

Lesson learned - always carry your camera and be ready to shoot!

So, what did I do today? At lunchtime there were blue skies (with a little cloud) and the sun was really rather bright. I thought I'd take my chances, and popped out to have a wander around the park behind the office. I've taken photos there before, there's plenty of things going on. Boating lakes, ducks, swans, all kinds of different tree species on the "tree trail"...

I couldn't help myself on the footbridge I had to cross to reach the park - the bridge is at the same height as the treetops, and there are fabulous red berries.

More berries

I have photographed them before (see here!) but the sunlight was just.. perfect. I think I have a thing about berries; I love taking photos of them, especially when they are so brightly coloured.

Heading into the park itself, I was disappointed to see the fountains in the main pond were not switched on. A council employee was up to his knees in the boating lake, doing some sort of maintenance thing with the island in the middle. I guess it would have been unfair on him to be showering him with water the whole time he was in the lake! However, it did cause me an issue, as the fountains had been what I had in mind to photograph, perhaps with the sun behind, shining through the spray. Another day for that, perhaps.

As I walked round the lake, I noticed a rather large puddle.

I had a brief spark of inspiration, and headed over to it to have a play. I stood with one foot in the puddle, focused on the water in front of me, and took photos as I kicked water across the puddle's surface.

Circles 1

Circles 2

Circles 3

I really like these shots, especially the third one. But I'm not sure which I prefer to put in the Flickr group for my photo for the week. Do I use the water shot? Or the berries? Or do I use this shot instead?

Your Time is Up

I can't decide.

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