Friday, 22 July 2011

FO Friday - another secret project sees the light of day

Hooray! Another birthday has been and gone, and I can now reveal yet another secret project I've been sitting on for weeks.

This time, it was for my Dad. You may remember the Secret Birthday Shawl I made for my Mum's 60th earlier this year. Well, this week it was Dad's turn to reach that particular milestone, so a little while ago I put my thinking cap on and tried to find a project for him that would be just as awesome.

My first thought would be a nice hat/gloves combo he could wear to rugby games in the winter, when the rain is lashing down and the winds are howling, a nice hand-knit woolly hat and gloves would keep him lovely and warm. Sadly, my knitting fu is still weak, so that will have to wait. Also, who wants to receive a big woolly hat and gloves as a present in July? Maybe he can have those for Christmas. Next year. If he's lucky*.

So I thought I'd do something a little sillier, and hopefully put a smile on his face.

Pattern: Amigurumi Basic Doll by Beth Ann Webber
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus DK
Hook: 3.5mm

Quite clearly, I've made a fair few adjustments to the basic pattern. I modelled my design on a photograph of one of Wales's most hardworking rugby players - Colin Charvis.

I did the shoes and socks by replacing the skin colour with black and white respectively, crocheting into the back loops only when I reached the top of the socks to try and create a ridge at the top of the sock, to make it look like they were on the outside. I think it worked.

The shorts and top I improvised, worked flat then sewn together around the body. The shorts are sewn to the body, but the shirt is not. I was foolish, and attached the head before doing the shirt - if I did this again, I would make the shirt in the round first, put it on the doll like you would dress a person, then attach the head.

The hair is made by crocheting the first half of the head pattern in the hair colour to make a wig cap. I used the loop stitch to create the effect of Colin's curly hair. The eyes are just small rounds of white with a small black safety eye in the centre.

The three feathers would have been a bit tricky to embroider, so I improvised with three white lines on his left breast.

This is a proper sized rugby ball, for size comparison.
Yes, it's signed by the 2005 Grand Slam winning Wales team.

Dad had the cheek to ask me why he didn't have a number or name on his back, or any advertising on the front of his shirt!

You know the drill, more FOs over at Tami's!

*That sounds really uncharitable, but in my family we do have a tradition of not giving each other gifts; I'm only making the exception for birthdays this year because they're all hitting milestones. Both parents turned 60, and my brother is turning 30 in a couple of weeks!


  1. Haha, the hair is so amazing!

  2. That's so cool!!! Love the way you did the hair :)

  3. Wow it's fantastic and also in time for the best tournament of the year, the Rugby World Cup!  So excited!  Are you planning on doing the entire team?

  4. That is so awesome, and I find when ever my Father jokes around with me it is his way of expressing that he really like something! Great job! Very inspiring and way better than hats and a pair of mitts!

  5. Lol it would be fun to do the whole team, but I don't think I've got the patience for doing all of those arms and legs!

  6. Coolest 60th birthday gift ever!  I love the way the hair turned out (and thanks for sharing the info about how the head is half made in the hair colour to form a sort of wig cap, which is an excellent idea...) and the sock-ridge you created looks great. 

  7. That is awesome! The likeness is great. I have some family who would definitely agree that that is the best doll ever.  Go Wales! (Good thing your dad is a huge fan cause that would make one heck of a voodoo doll ; ) 

  8. Wow. That's a pretty good likeness I'd say. And good for you to come up with something crafty for your Dad!

  9. I love it!  You did a wonderful job  making it look just like the rugby player.  What a thoughtful gift!

  10. Total fun!  Gosh your parents are young.

  11. Alittlebitsheepish22 July 2011 at 17:35

    He looks great, what an awesome present :)

  12. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch22 July 2011 at 18:33

    Fab gift! And as for the comments, I hope he got a poke in the ribs for that!!! :) 

    Have a great weekend 

  13. Congrats on getting another project finished, you're moving right along with your list.  Cute little guy.

  14. Wow, awesome. I like the expression on his face!

  15. I love this, so  I bet really your dad was chuffed!!

  16. That is so awesome!!!! It totally looks like him.

  17. Wow - too cute, what a great idea! I're sure your dad will love it


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