Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lack of Progress Wednesday

I have made very little progress this week. And what little I have done isn't exactly all that exciting for reporting on. The trouble with knitting, especially things like my Easy Lace Stole, is that you work on it for ages, and it doesn't actually look all that different. I know it's got longer, but when you compare how it looks now, to how it looked last time I took a photo, there's barely any noticeable change.

I did, in the spirit of my new War on WIPs, actually get out my poncho and work a few more motifs. Having re-wound my acrylic balls into lovely fat centre pull cakes, working on these motifs is a lot less irritating! That said, I still only managed to make a few more! I'm working on making a big pile of the middle bits, then joining them together with the green in a big joining up session.

I've done a few rows here and a few rows there on my other projects, as you can see by the creeping of the progress bars on the right. But nowhere near as much progress as I'd have liked to be getting on with. I'd like to claim that there is a wonderful excuse for my lack of knitting/crocheting; that I've been working each night in a soup kitchen feeding the homeless, out rescuing abandoned kittens or similar. Sadly, the actual reason is far less impressive. I have a new computer game.

Evenings that would normally consist of collapsing in front of the TV while knitting are now taken up with hacking, slashing and looting. We've been waiting to get our hands on this game for quite a while, since we first heard it was coming out. Proper hack-and-slash RPGs with good 2 player co-op modes are hard to come by, and so far, this one is living up to expectations. What I really love is that the game is a little bit steampunky, so my character doesn't have swords etc, she has guns. Three big guns. It's awesome.

I have no idea how far through the game we are. But I can't see us opting for watching boring old TV when this is still an option for the evening's entertainment. So knitting may take a back seat for yet another week while we fight our way through to the end of the game.

I don't even have any particularly portable projects either, so I can't even knit on the train. Mind you, I'm so engrossed in re-reading George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire I don't think I'd want to relinquish my reading time to knitting at the moment!

If you head on over to Tami's, you'll find far more exciting knitting/crocheting progress from my fellow WIP Wednesday bloggers.


  1. CrochetBlogger27 July 2011 at 20:24

    The motifs look pretty even if you feel like you didn't get that far.

  2. Love the motifs.  And a new game!  WOW

  3. Aww Tink. It may not seem like much with a little here and there done but, when you add all the little progresses together, it's more than you think. You just spread it around instead of one project. That's all. Knitting takes me what seems forever also. I tend to do it when I am not in such a hurry to complete a project. If I am I crochet. lol Looking forward to your next WIP or FO.

  4. My husband downloaded that series onto his Kindle.  He loves them and keeps telling me all the good characters get killed off.

  5. Dungeon Siege. Awesome! I hope it's as good as the old Square Enix games. They've been such a letdown as a company recently IMO.

    Sorry to hear you haven't made much progress but what you have looks great!

  6. Underground Crafter28 July 2011 at 01:55

    The little bits here and there add up to a completed project.  Also, I count winding up the yarn as a major accomplishment!

  7. There are never enough hours in the day to do all of the knitting, reading and playing I want to do either ;) Game sounds very cool though, I can see why progress on your WIPs may have taken a back seat! Besides, a few rows here and there does add up

  8. Delusional Knitter29 July 2011 at 01:55

    Oh that game looks fun!  It makes such a difference when the yarn you're using doesn't irritate you!  I love yarn cakes, they sit nice and flat!

  9. Everyone's allowed some time off!

  10. Saw this pattern posted on Rav just now:
    Thought of you.


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