Monday, 4 July 2011

Yarn free crafting

This weekend was a very busy one, so I didn't have much time to spare for knitting or crochet. I have "cast on" my second year of projects project; now I have a simple crochet pattern to distract me when I am fed up of my lace knitting.

Saturday morning was a bit of a nightmare, as we ended up in A&E getting Jamie's fingers stitched back together (he had an argument with a kitchen knife). So I lost a lot of time on Sunday to doing household things Jamie couldn't do, like the washing up.

One thing I did managed to get around to doing, though, was helping Jamie out with a prop he's been making for the LARP event we've got this weekend. It still isn't finished (we're now waiting for varnish to dry before completing) but my main contribution was made yesterday afternoon:

I think it's going to look awesome when it's finished; if I manage to get photos of it before it goes to site on Thursday I will show you next week.

I don't think I'm going to get much done on my projects this week, as I will mostly be frantically sorting out my costume and character for the weekend! It's my first LARP event since last August, so I'm rather looking forward to it!

Of course, this does mean I won't be around to write a Year of Projects update on Sunday.. I shall have to trust Blogger to post for me at the right time.


  1. Intrigued by the prop - looks cool ;)

  2. OW! Hope Jamie's finger heals quickly...and that he avoid knives in the future.

    The prop looks amazing. Have fun LARP-ing. 

  3. Cool dragon.  How come you're getting tired of your lace knitting?

  4. I'm not tired of it yet, but I can see it getting dull towards the end! Knitting is, for me at least, a lot slower than crochet, and I know it's going to take ages. If it was the only thing I was working on I'd soon get fed up.


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