Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I have no progress

Busy week means little crafting time, so no WIP Wednesday update for me this week. But, patience has paid out a little, and I have discovered some photos of me from the event!

Well, one photo that's any good, so far, from last weekend.

Look! I'm wearing my snood!

This was from when we were taking part in one of the arena games. Despite my best efforts to avoid entering the arena for any sort of combat competition, I ended up taking part in the combined skills group contest. Essentially, it was teams of five, each with a different weapon skill. I was the archer for our team. We didn't win.

And an added bonus, I spotted this shot of me on Facebook from an event last August.

Not sure what I'm looking so serious about

There should be some more pics up later on in the week, once Iain has sorted himself out.

With thanks to The Flasher and Scott Wickenden for sharing their photos.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the snood. You look very elvish :-)

  2. Cool ears ;) The snood looks fantastic on, it's good to see it in situ :)

  3. I love the snoood!  And you look pretty awesome in those ears, I have to say.  I've always wanted some prosthetic pointy ears.


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