Monday, 11 July 2011

More Photography fail

You'd think a campsite full of people in silly costumes would be an ideal place to get a photo of the week for my 52 week long photo challenge. Unfortunately, I am utterly useless, and didn't take a single photograph all weekend. Too busy getting stuck in and having a whale of a time! If and when photos of me in kit appear on Facebook, I will share them with you!

Now the event is over, I can share pictures of the prop I was helping Jamie to make. You'll remember the dragon I painted onto a piece of wood? Here is the finished item it was painted for:

We varnished over the painting, which adorns the top of this wooden cage. The box is supposed to contain a baby mountain lion, but rather than go for a stuffed toy inside (which would look a bit rubbish), we put thin crepe paper around the inside of the box, and inserted a black cardboard silhouette shaped like a baby mountain lion. When light shines through the box, you see the shadow of the cub inside.

 I had a small happy moment when I saw the item in play, but I didn't get a chance to ask anyone about it while I was in character, which is a shame, as I don't know how well it was received. Jamie assures me it was all very cool, anyway, so I guess it worked as expected!

So, no crazy LARPing photo for my photo of the week this week. I will have to think of something before Friday! Pictures for last week were also thin on the ground, as prep for the event sort of took over. Luckily, I had taken a couple of shots of the sweet pea that takes over the front yard each year once the nettles die back, so I do still have a photo for the first week of July.

Sweet Pea flowers


  1. How gung-ho you are for this LARP!!  What a neat prop to bring to the event.
    Gorgeous orchids there.

  2. Love the prop - good call on going for a silhouette rather than a stuffed toy - much cooler ;) 

  3. Like the silhouette! It's hard to be part of the action and photographer at the same time.

  4. Lovely work, Tinks. It was very well received. Just a shame I couldn't keep it :(


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