Saturday, 30 July 2011

A New Craft

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, between my Year of Projects list, the War on WIPs and several crazy ideas I've had for Rugby World Cup themed crocheting... I've thrown another craft into the mix and am having a play with jewellery making! Well, not actual jewellery, but the principles are the same.

You remember my Sweet Pea Shawl? I had decided to forgoe the tassles in favour of beaded dangly things. Having ordered my supplies from various eBay bead and jewellery supplies shops, I left it all to one side, reasoning that I had plenty of time until the shawl was needed, and I'd much rather get on with knitting and crocheting projects from my list. I had a bit of a panicky realisation the other day, when I looked at the calendar and discovered that July was almost over, and the wedding I plan to wear the shawl to is in a week's time! So away has gone the knitting and the crochet, out has come the jewellery making supplies, and I've been zipping through my dangly beady things. 

My supplies! Millefiori beads in two different sizes, plain silver beads,
silver headpins and silver lobster clasps.

Colour matching

Two finished beady dangly things

And an arty shot of them attached to the shawl

I need 50 in total, so far I've made 14. I'm rapidly running out of the same colours between my big and small beads, so I think I will have a fair few with sort-of colour matches. I'm sure it will look ok, if I spread them out inbetween the ones with complete colour matches. I've also successfully broken one small bead (the hole was too small for my pin, and as I tried to put it on, the bead split in half) so there is one too few small beads now as well (I only had 100 to start with).

I had bought some clear glass beads as well, which I was going to use as a spacer inbetween the large and small coloured beads, but they don't fit on my headpins!


  1. Those are looking fabulous!!!  Can't wait to see the shawl all done with all the danglies attached!

  2. the beaded dangly things are so pretty -- i love this idea & can't wait to see the finished shawl.

  3. What fun that looks!  You go.

  4. So pretty :) Your beading is much neater and tidier than when I do it ;)

  5. Alittlebitsheepish6 August 2011 at 17:55

    they look great, looking forward to seeing the full picture of them on the shawl


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